Jeff Steinmann


JeffProfileRoof_smI write about creating a better life on this blog as well as several major media outlets. I also created a successful business called, How to Quit Working, that helps people remove the biggest obstacle most folks have to being happier — their job.

I gave up everything that mattered to me (career, relationship, house, hobbies, friends, etc.) to create a happier life for myself and I’ve learned a hell of a lot along the way. I’ve dedicated my life to figuring out a better way to “do life” that the status quo, because the “status quo” simply ins’t working.

When I connect with a person who is ready to make major changes in their life because they know they have vastly more potential than they are currently experiencing, together we move mountains.

I only take on clients who, upon meeting, I get the unshakable feeling that I know I CAN and MUST help.

Yes, coaching costs money, so if you aren’t willing to spend money on your personal development, this isn’t for you.

We’re not going to play games with application forms or me telling you I only take on a certain number of clients, or any of that marketing and sales B.S. We just have to talk and see if I get that feeling and we both agree it’s a fit.

So, if you want to see if it’s a fit, email me, at or call me at 314-265-0015 and we’ll talk. This isn’t a way to get  a free coaching session, it’s to have a conversation about whether we both thing coaching might be a fit.