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Why I’m Blogging Again

Why I’m Blogging Again

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Why I’m Blogging Again
August 08
02:58 2015

It’s hard to balance the necessity of persistence that is absolutely necessary in growing a business with the basic human need to have and express uninterrupted thoughts. The idea of blogging is that it lets you sort of document your steam of consciousness. Basically you puke out whatever your thinking onto the paper — err, keyboard.

The blog and podcast I have at is successful, but it doesn’t allow me to express my uninterrupted thoughts. That blog is for a specific business purpose and has to remain focused on that purpose. So, the thoughts that enter my head, that I may want to write about, may not be appropriate for that particular blog.

So, that’s why I’ve created a new blog on (actually dusted off, polished up and began updating an old blog) where I can say whatever I want. There’s no specific purpose, theme or rules — it’s about whatever I want it to be about. It’s to document and share my unfettered thoughts about how to live a better life, which is my purpose in the world.

Why now?

Most recently, I’ve felt very compelled to say more about the current events in Ferguson, Missouri. It’s close to home for me — literally. And it’s made me think a lot about what we really need to do differently if we really want to solve the issue of race relations in this country – and in the world.

This site will also aggregate other things I write and do over at How to Quit Working, Lifehack, Huffington Post, and Elite Daily.

That’s it. Since there are no rules on this blog, I can make the posts as long or short as I want. So there. 🙂

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