About Jeff


I’ve been trying my whole life to figure things out — figure out what to do, what to say, how to be, how to live the best life I can. It’s been a journey of trying this, trying that, and trying the other thing. Most of it doesn’t work, but occasionally, I figure a little something out. 

One of the bigger steps I took was back in 2012, when I left behind a successful corporate career, relationship of 10 years, lots of friends, and my dream house, but most importantly:

I left behind everything I thought I knew about what the rest of my life would look like.

I thought that having my own business would be the solution, the thing that would solve all my problems. After many trials and failures I eventually kind of got a business to work. I had a podcast, coaching and online business called, “How to Quit Working.” When that business hit its stride In 2015, I had a huge awakening. 

I had always looked to external things for happiness… fulfillment… or whatever the true goal is. I always worked hard to get those external things. I usually had success, but one thing never changed: they never brought me the true peace and satisfaction I was looking for. 

I finally came to grips with the single idea that changed my life:

Nothing outside myself will ever change how I feel.

Feeling good has to come from within. Having spent a lifetime mastering how to accomplish external things, I was faced with a huge challenge: having to master myself from within. 

I left that business behind and began following my heart to do what it told me to do. That meant leaving behind years and years of work, tons of ideas and embarking on a new journey to a new business, but more importantly, a whole new way of approaching life. 

It’s been a long journey of ups and downs and I’d love to say I’ve finally got it all figured out — but I have not. My journey has taught me only one thing: there are no destinations. Only more things to be learned and discovered, but most importantly, more questions to be asked.

I like to write. I wrote a book, which you can find on Amazon here. I also write for the Huffington Post and on this blog. I’m working on another book that will be pretty amazing. 

That’s all the really important and serious stuff. Here are some


Saving Cool StuffI save (some call it hoard) old cool stuff, this includes giant sign letters, old light fixtures, vintage file cabinets, slot machine parts and basically anything old and cool that I can get my hands on.
Transforming st louisI love this city for it’s architecture, neighborhoods, but most of all, the people. My business is about making it better.
People I’ve recently been lucky enough to get two adorable nieces to spoil the crap out of. I have the most amazing friends anyone could ask for and immensely enjoy spending as much time with them as possible.