Hi, I’m Jeff. I work on figuring out life and I like to write about it. This is my blog. More about me here.

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Making a Difference

Social Media is an effective way of spreading information. It allows us to reach a lot of people quickly….


Worry, anxiety, suffering. Over and over and over. How do I make it go away? How do I ….

Being Yourself

Every day, you get up, go out into the world and do what you do. But who’s doing it? Who is going ….

How to Make Progress

Maybe you’ve made a bit of progress toward your goals, but want to make more. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you’ve had a bit ….

How to Trust Yourself

It will take a while, but when you relax and get really OK with the reality that this is your path and nobody else’s, life gets easier, happier and more fulfilling….

How to Find Peace

It’s easy to be at peace when everything is going great. When we have the money, people, time, and everything we want in life is….

How to Start Living

The most important thing I’ve had to figure out (and will always continue to work on) is how to interact with the world around me in a way that …..

How to Get Started

Sometimes the hardest thing about achieving any goal in life is simply getting started. Just taking the …..

How to Trust Your Gut

There’s two types of intelligence. First there’s the facts and figures, pros and cons and all the logical stuff that we usually focus on….

How to Take Action

There’s always that “next step” — you know, that next thing you know you need to do to take your life …..

How to Do It Your Way

I’m going to sound like Mr. Rogers for a minute, but there really is nobody in the whole world like you. You are a unique person and ….

How to Live Better

I’ve studied a lot about human behavior. It started with a self-help addiction when I was miserable and ….

How to Live Better

I don’t believe that any of us are “meant” or “destined” to be or do anything. Each of us ….

The Danger of Blame

There is a very dangerous drug on the streets that nobody is talking about. It’s called blameoin (pronounced: blame-o-win)………

How to Get Whatever You Want

If you asked many people if they can have whatever they want, most would say, “Of course not. There are a lot of things I want that I can’t have.”

How to Be An Entrepreneur

The world is a big wonderful place full of exciting, beautiful and wonderful things. But, without the freedom to explore it, what’s the point?

Blog: Stop Following the Herd

Lifestyle means doing it YOUR WAY. It means doing life the way YOU want, not the way your parents, teachers, friends, family, celebrities, politicians or…..

Corporate Porno

Neither really serves any purpose except to make us feel good when we’re not getting what we really want….