How to Get Whatever You Want

Some People Don’t Think it’s Possible

If you asked many people if they can have whatever they want, most would say, “Of course not. There are a lot of things I want that I can’t have.”

But that’s because they are looking at it all wrong.

Then if you asked those same people why not, most would say just a few things.

“I don’t have enough money.”
“I don’t have the right connections.”
“I don’t know how.”

Causes Versus Results

Unfortunately, those are not causes. They are results. These are results, not the reasons why you do or do not get whatever you want.

Money, Connections, and Knowledge are results in themselves. They are very fundamental results and good ones to get because they’re resources you can use to get more of what you want.

So, you can see why getting whatever you want is so difficult when you think that results are what is stopping you from getting the results! Now let’s look at what it really takes to get those results.

How to Get Whatever You Want

Getting whatever you want requires three things.

  1. Peace
  2. Devotion
  3. Choice


Start with Peace. Stop thinking that whatever you are after will make you happy. Once you have your basic needs (food, water, shelter, clothing, etc) nothing else is really going to make you happier. So, don’t look to things, like money, fame, friends, relationships and cheeseburgers to make you happier. Look instead internally for happiness. Because it’s always there. When it’s not, it’s usually because you are looking outside for it in all the wrong places. Step one to getting whatever you want is realizing that it won’t make you happier.


Decide what you want and become Devoted to it. Care as deeply about it as you can possibly care about something. Develop such a strong Devotion to it that you cannot imagine not having it. Be sure it’s worth it. Make it something you really care about enough to Devote yourself to it. Getting whatever you want takes time. Since the hours in your day are limited (more on that here), make sure that what you want is something you would really be willing to spend the time on.


Choose to take any action necessary to get the thing you decided you want.  Make a choice you can only make if you are at Peace and Devoted. Make a choice that means nothing will get in your way. You will go over, around under or through whatever obstacle stands in your way. Choose to take full responsibility for getting that thing you want.

Do it in that order. The order really matters. Peace is first because you have to be at Peace with with yourself before you can make a sound decision about what to Devote yourself to. If you aren’t at Peace, you can’t make that decision correctly; you will make an irrational decision in a futile attempt to find Peace through an external outcome. Choice is last because you must be Devoted to something before you will be motivated to fully make the Choice that is necessary to get what you want.

Getting whatever you want is not easy. But when you align these three things, it becomes possible. It doesn’t make it easier, but when you are Devoted to something, it makes the work worth it. Do not view it as an avenue to happiness. Choosing to do what you need to do to make it happen suddenly becomes completely natural. It also becomes less scary.

You can Get Whatever You Want

You can have Whatever You Want. Never believe that you cannot have Whatever You Want. If there is anything you don’t have, it’s because you Chose not to pursue it. And that’s OK because you are at Peace and made the Choice to pursue something you are Devoted to.-

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

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