Is More Information Really the Answer?

I’m not shy about investing in myself. Most people in this industry (expert entrepreneurs) are not either. We simply want to be the best we can be and know that that costs money. I still remember the very pivotal moment in my life when I spent 1997.00 on a training that was the first serious investment I made in myself and my business. I was hooked!

One of the realizations I had this year was about the pace of that training & development stuff. What makes sense to do when? Am I ready for this? Is this right for me? We all ask those questions CONSTANTLY!

The realization I had is simply that it has to be timed right. Then I began to think of it totally differently.

So, I made the below video about it:

Here’s How

This year two things happened to me regarding my personal development. Each happened on a few different occasions.

The first is that I was “overtrained.” I had studied something SO MUCH that I literally could not formulate a single question to ask about it. That means my head was gridlocked with information. More training wasn’t going to help! DOING MORE STUFF was the only thing that would help! I would apply what I’d learned and that would expand my understanding (by doing) and then I would be ready to learn more.

The second thing that happened (less frequently) was that I got under-trained. In other words, I had been spinning my wheels for a while and needed help with some area. I needed some sort of training or development.

As I write this, it seems elementary, but let’s face it, we all struggle with this. It’s a tough balancing act.

I starting thinking of it like a road. You have to have a little bit of road built out in front of you, but not too much just yet, because you may need to change the exact course of the road AND you need the resources to drive.

So, what can you do about it?

A few key questions you can ask yourself.

1) Do I know enough to move forward for a month or two?

What this question really gets at is the core of what is usually the issue here and that is that sometimes the training or program or event is simply more desirable in the near term than actually DOING the next step. Don’t let fear keep you in learning mode and out of doing mode. 

2) Is more information going to help me right now?

This really gets at the root of the problem. Is “not having information” really what is stopping you from moving forward or slowing you down? Sometimes it is, but realistically, it’s usually not…

How has your learning journey been going this year? Comment below and let me know what you learned this year.

Image Credit: Photo by UX Indonesia on Unsplash

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