What do FEELINGS have to do with business?

I wondered a lot this year about that feeling … you know that kind of little feeling that you get when you maybe should do something or shouldn’t do something … go in one direction or go in another direction.

Well I got that little feeling a lot this past year. I got that feeling a lot this past year and what I found that I wasn’t following it. I wasn’t doing what that little feeling told me that I need to do.

Now, I’m going to get a little bit crazy here in this blog post. I don’t really normally talk about this kind-of touchy-feely stuff, but probably should more, so here it goes.

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What was happening is that I made a lot of decisions without paying attention to that “feeling.” And I found that I was going back, reversing decisions and changing direction and doing a lot of things only to go back to be true with that feeling I remembered having in the first place.

Now, what I really believe is happening there is my subconscious, or intuition, or “gut” is way way way more intelligent and can process way more information and knowledge than our conscious mind does. So I believe that my subconscious was giving me much more “information” and better resources to make the decision with than my conscious mind ever could!

So, that’s why not following those feelings sent me down the wrong path every single time. It’s something that I’ve really seen this year to be incredibly true for me, my personal life and my business. I simply have got to follow that feeling and generally when I do follow that feeling things do work out.

And when I don’t…well I saw how that works out this year!

That’s another thing that in 2012 I didn’t do the way I would’ve liked to have. But I’ve learned very important lessons about how to do it right in 2013!

I’m only part way through this journey. I’ve strongly embraced the importance of this “feeling,” but my biggest challenge remains actually RECOGNIZING the feeling when I have it. I’m getting better, but have a ways to go on that front. I sometimes use a technique that a coach taught me a while back.

That technique is to ask yourself, when making a decision: How does this feel? Heavy or Light?

Asking myself that question always helps me to sort of “feel” it more.

Now, I’ll share an experience I had earlier this year with this. I was sitting at my desk on a Wednesday afternoon over the summer, frustrated as ever with my life and with my business. I suddenly had the realization that I had 3-5 thing I needed to FIX immediately. I had gone in directions that my intuition told me not to go in.

That day my business radically changed. I made some hard decisions, severed relationships, and let some large time and financial investments disintegrate. It was when I shifted the focus of Braveau Experts from being an agency (actually creating brands, websites, products and things FOR experts) to becoming an expert lifestyle business, which is what I was doing for my clients. In other words, the company was no longer about what I DO, it was about what I KNOW.

Then I became sort of addicted to getting things RIGHT and reversing those old, bad decisions. It was so liberating! I love it! I began actually asking myself, “What else can I change?”

Have you recently made a decision that was NOT congruent with what your body and intuition were telling you? How did it turn out? Tell me in the comments below, I love to hear from you!

Whether your post it below or not, I would like to issue a personal challenge to you to reverse one of those decisions TODAY. It might be hard at first, but step up and DO IT. You deserve the outcome.

Image Credit: Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

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