A Better Way to Do Life

Money is nothing more than a representation of value. In a previous post, we talked about how money is created by an investment of your most valuable resource.

You make money by creating value. Use your most precious asset (your time) to create value that other people want. They then give you some value (money) in return. You used your most valuable asset to create the value. They (your customer) used their most valuable asset (their time) to create value (represented by money) that they will give you in exchange for the value you created; which they want.

So, the way you get money is by creating value. Create the most valuable thing you can. It will be worth the most money. Now, since time is your most precious asset you must be sure you are enjoying what you are doing while you are creating this value! So, create that value out of something you really care about; something you like; something you love. Better yet, something you are obsessed with.

This Chihuahua is happy because she is creating value with something she cares about

I’m obsessed with finding a Better Way to Do Life because, we are nowhere near as happy as we should be as a human race. A Better Way to Do Life means a lot of things and one of the most important parts of that is changing the way we earn money.

Since time is your most precious asset; since time is what you use to create money (by creating value); you must create that value out of something you enjoy, so that you are a) living and b) creating value at the same time.

Stop thinking about Money as the goal and start thinking about Money as the result. The goal is Living your Life, and doing so in a way that creates value for other people. Then, all you do is live an awesome life that you enjoy immensely and watch the money flow in as the value is created and released into the world.

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

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