How to Be Happy When Things Aren’t Going Your Way

Ambitious people have drive. Drive is a deep motivation to have a better life, do bigger things and achieve all you desire. Drive makes you do stuff. And that’s good. You make progress by doing stuff.

But here on planet Earth, you’ve surely discovered by now that stuff doesn’t always work out how you want it to. But you have to keep doing stuff anyway because doing stuff is how you get a better life, do bigger things and achieve all you desire. You even have to keep doing stuff that doesn’t work. Not the same things (that would be insanity), but different things; all along knowing many of the things you do may not work out how you want. This part stops a lot of folks.

When folks hit those roadblocks (things not working out), they either:

  • Become angry and frustrated.
  • Quit.

Quitting is no good, so let’s talk about how to deal with those things that inevitably will go wrong without getting frustrated or angry.

1. Just be cool with things going wrong

Things go wrong. They just do. People who accomplish things don’t live in some alternative universe where nothing goes wrong, they live here on planet earth just like you (well, most of them) and they too deal with things that don’t go the way they wanted. It’s just pretty much how it is, so be OK with it.

2. Push past the obstacles

This one is simple, yet it’s not easy. But nobody has ever figured out who to deal with obstacles other than to put your shoes on and march over, under, around or through them.

Be aware that your action in this moment right now — staring down that big, ugly obstacle in front of you is where your success or failure is determined. Whether you figure out a way past it, or let it defeat you is the determining factor. So, when that obstacle is staring you in the face, be excited about getting an opportunity to defeat it.

3. Commend yourself

Congratulations. Whatever that obstacle that arose was, you pushed past it. Great job. It sucks that you didn’t get to do the other things you would have rather done while you were pushing past that obstacle, but you did something better. You got over an obstacle, which is how all successful people become that way. Remember they live in the same world as you do.

When things go your way, it’s easy. When they don’t, it’s a crossroads. How you deal with the obstacles you inevitably face in life determines your ultimate result. There aren’t many guarantees in this world, but if you like promises, here’s one: Things are always going to go wrong and obstacles are always going to arise.

How you handle the obstacles will always determine your result. So get out there and get over some obstacles.

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Photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post

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