What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Often, when you are trying to accomplish something, you get the feeling of being stuck. It’s like you can’t figure out what to do next.

I chose the word “feel” on purpose. You aren’t really stuck, you just feel that way. Folks who accomplish big things learn how to get past these feelings so they can move forward. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

You aren’t really “stuck”, you’re probably just fearful or overwhelmed. You see so many things you must do to accomplish your goal, but you’re not looking at the most important thing: the very next step. Naturally, even when you identify that next step, you are afraid it may not be the right step or that it won’t work out as you’d like it to.

But all you have to focus on is that very next step. You might also be worried that that very next step won’t work; worried that you might fail.

Here’s how to get past the worry and overwhelm that’s causing you to feel stuck.

1. Figure out your next step
You don’t actually have to figure this out; you probably already know what it is. You don’t need a six-month, twelve-month, or five-year plan right now, you just need to know what to do right now. Maybe it’s making a simple phone call, sending an email or buying some tool or supply.

That thing is simple and you know what it is. Forget about all the complexity you are creating and just get clear on what that thing is so you can move on to step two.

2. Do that thing
Now do whatever you decided to do in step one. It is that simple. But you might be thinking it’s not simple. It may seem more complex, but it’s not. You’re hesitating to do that thing because you are worried it’s not the right thing to do. Or maybe you are worried it won’t work out like you want it to. You are worried you will fail.

You may fail. In fact, it’s very likely that it will not work out exactly as you expected it to. That’s OK. People who have already accomplished what you are working to accomplish didn’t have any magical powers, information or anything else that you don’t have.

The thing that made them successful was that when things didn’t go how they expected, they accepted it, learned from it and moved on. Most importantly: They DID the next thing.

3. Learn from that thing
Whatever happened when you took that step happened. Now it’s your task to figure out how to proceed next. This is where you make or break your future.

If it went as you expected, that’s fine. You’ve taken one small step forward. If it didn’t work out as you expected, you are faced with a great opportunity: now you get to learn the lesson you needed to learn and move forward with that new information.

When things go as you expect them to that’s fine, but when they don’t, you get two things that are way better:

A) You get more information about how to proceed next.

B) You get resilience.

Resilience is the most valuable life skill you will ever attain. So, go out and get yourself some of it.

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Photo by Aubrey Odom-Mabey on Unsplash

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post

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