The Voices In Your Head

You know what I’m talking about. That voice in your head. That voice that’s telling you how to wash the dishes, how to eat your food, how to brush your teeth, how to act in a certain situation. It’s always there, always telling you what to do and how to do it. 

You don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to do what it wants you to do. You want to do your own thing. You want to do it your way!  And you want to tell it to fuck off! 

Your teeth clench, your shoulders tense up, and you breath harder because you’re tired of being told what to do. 

You start slamming things around. Muttering under your breath….. 

“I’ll do it my own goddamn way, bitch.”

“I’m doing it my way, asshole.”

You explain to this voice why your way is better. Why their way is wrong and why your way is right. 

This goes on… and on… and on…. Perhaps constantly. Perhaps the intensity is greater or less in certain situations but generally speaking, it’s there and it’s usually annoying as fuck. 

The voice is always there, but who is it? Is it a mother, a father, a sibling, an ex, a friend, a boss? Perhaps it changes over time. It may be one person way day, another a different day. But usually, it’s the same person. 

How do you make it stop? 


Recognize that some person from your life has entered your brain in a way that causes them to nearly constantly ring in your head. Recognize that someone has influenced you in a profound, but not constructive way. Recognize that you’ve kind of lost control. 

If you read this far, you probably get it. You get what Im saying. So, now you get to take back control. Recognizing you’ve lost control is kind of hard and rather annoying but it’s an important step. Just do it. It’s gonna help you get past it. 

Notice that it’s taking up a crapton of energy. It’s using a lot of energy in your brain to constantly argue with this person in your head. Its wearing you out, making you angry and sucking energy energy from funner things. 


You’ve now recognized that it’s there, in control, and taking up valuable energy, so you can now tell it to go away. 

It probably won’t go away quickly, it may take a while, but be patient. The moment you recognize it’s there, you begin to take away it’s power. Try talking to friends about it. Explain to them that you have this voice and they probably won’t say, ”You’re nuts”, instead they will probably say,

“OMG, I have that voice too, only its my ____!” 

Talking about it with others is very helpful. it gives you a little control by casting more light on the voice and also helps the other person deal with their voice. 

These little bitches suck, but take away a bit of their power and they’ll fade away. If you’d like, share who the voice in your head is in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

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