Worry, anxiety, suffering. Over and over and over. How do I make it go away? How do I make it stop? How do I? How do I? How do I? 

Acceptance is the worst enemy of pain. What if it just is and that’s totally OK. What if it’s just totally fine to be worried, to be anxious, to suffer? 

What if you just stop the worry? Stop the anxiety? Stop the fear and just accept. Just accept everything as it is and for what it is. 

Afraid you’re going to run out of money? Just accept running out of money. ***

Afraid you’re going to be alone? Just accept being alone. ***

Afraid you’re losing someone you love? Just accept the loss. ***

Or what I you keep being fearful, having anxiety, keep worrying? And completely accept it? You can’t. 

You can’t worry, be scared or suffer when you are in acceptance. It’s impossible. 

True, real acceptance that flows through your body like a river from head to tow removes all worry, all suffering, all fear. 


Accept and Love. 

*** INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Acceptance does not mean not doing anything about the possible circumstance that’s causing the worry, fear and anxiety. It means making yourself as complete as possible so as to enable you to be as effective as possible at dealing with the circumstance.

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