How to Quit Escaping and Start Living

We all do it. Life isn’t how we want it to be, so our answer is to escape. Whether it’s TV, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, vacation or whatever, when we aren’t happy with our life, we escape through these and numerous other methods.

There’s nothing wrong with getting away now and then, but the real tragedy is when life becomes a constant pursuit of escape.

When every day is about getting through the day so you can have a drink… When every week is about getting through the week so you can get to the weekend… When every year is about getting to those wonderful two weeks of vacation…

There comes a point when it’s all about escaping. Your entire focus is on escaping from the only thing you have that really matters — your life.

The scary part is that you reach this point without even knowing what happened. You may not even realize that every second of your life is about escaping from something.

When your whole life has become about escaping, it’s time to make some big changes. Here’s a few things that will help you quit escaping from life and start living it.

1. Remember where happiness comes from
Happiness never comes from external things like money, cars, jobs, houses, or status. They just help us escape. True happiness comes from inside you and you can generate it any time you want. Many brave people have figured out how to generate happiness in the most difficult situations. No matter how difficult your situation is, someone has found a way to be happy in an even harder situation.

2. Cut off one of your escapes.
Start with one. Pick one of the things you frequently use to escape. In all likelihood, you rely on a few of the example escapes listed above. Choose one to eliminate for 30 days. Completely give it up for 30 days. It’s one less escape you have available to you each day.

The something really cool happens. You free up the time you previously spent on that escape. Now you get to do something else with it.

3. Fill that time with something that makes your life better.
When you freed up that time, you created a great opportunity. Don’t blow it. Fill that time with something that makes your life better. Maybe that’s studying about a new topic, doing more of a favorite hobby, spending more time with certain people, etc. The important thing is that you use that time to create a better life for yourself. Use that time to do something that will improve your life in some way.

Life is all we’ve got. Don’t escape from it, live it.

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This article was originally published on the Huffington Post

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