When Things Don’t Go How You Expect

This may come as a huge surprise to you (probably not), but it is actually quite common here on planet earth for things to not work out exactly as you would like them to. I know. It’s shocking and concerning, but that is indeed how it works.

I doubt any rational adult would argue with that. Then why do we humans (I’m as guilty as anyone) get so surprised and upset when things don’t go how we expect? It’s just like the theoretical concept of “fairness.” We all know it doesn’t exist in the known universe. Yet we get really upset when things aren’t fair. But that’s another topic, let’s get back to things not working out how you expect.

We love control. We love to know exactly how things are going to work out and what will happen after each twist and turn. So, when things don’t go as we expect, we get frustrated, upset, and mad. This constant cycle imprisons you in a life of frustration, upset and anger. Why do we keep this up?

The only alternative is to be constantly aware of the reality that most things aren’t going to turn out how you expect. That doesn’t have to be a sad, depressing idea, it can be empowering if you think of it in the right way.

Think of everything you do as an experiment. When scientists do experiments, like mixing two chemicals to see what happens, they have a theory about what will happen, but they aren’t positive. They do the experiment to find out what will happen when they mix those two chemicals.

Suppose you approached everything in life this way? Imagine if, every time you do something, you approached it as an experiment. Something you are going to try out to see what happens.

Then how would you feel if it didn’t work out the way you expect it to? If you approach it as an experiment, you’ll find the unexpected result to be interesting instead of frustrating.

Instead of being frustrated, you’ll be interested to understand why you got the result you got, which means you’ll dig in and try to understand it better. And therefor you’ll learn from it. This will make your next “experiment” more fruitful because you’ll go into it with more information and a better understanding of the entire situation because you’ve learned from the previous experiment.

This works for everything. It works for asking people out on dates, it works in perfecting a sport or hobby and it works in business. It doesn’t matter what it is, the technique works. And it’s not rocket science.

Imagine how smart, effective, and eventually successful you would quickly become if you used this approach for everything you do in life?

Give it a shot. It’s pretty amazing. Bonus: It eliminates frustration too.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post

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