Why Businesses Fail & How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

It happens way too often. And it’s stopping you from making progress in your business. You go on Facebook and you see: “Best-Selling Book Free! Over 127 Millionaire Secrets Revealed”. (That’s real, by the way, I just pulled it right off Facebook). The cycle begins.

What’s Going on in Your Head

Because humans beings (which most of the readers of this blog are) really, really like instant gratification, when you hear these claims, you are so excited you might even pee a little bit. That’s OK. You got a release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that makes you happy. Next, you buy into the guru, teacher or marketer’s offer. Maybe that’s a product, program or some free content. Doesn’t matter. What matters is what happens next.

You start consuming (reading, watching, listening to) the information or using the product. Consuming it is work. Making the million dollars is probably totally possible using what you are learning, but it is work — A LOT. And the serotonin is LONG GONE. Now you’re bored and have lost hope that this thing is going to be the thing makes you a million bucks.

It Happens Again

Then what happens? You open your email. And there is a an email with the subject: “How We Got 20k Subscribers From Facebook” That’s also real, I pulled it right out of the new and (Wonderfully Amazing; I could kiss whoever thought of that) gmail promotions tab. There goes the serotonin again! Let’s download that eBook! Hell, its free, what do you have to lose?!

You have a LOT to lose.

The Simple Reason Why Businesses Fail

The reason so many businesses fail in the information marketing and online-type business in particular (and a LOT fail) is because of this vicious cycle of high-hopes followed by low spirits. When you get down, you raise your spirits by going after one of these new, fun “seratonin-pots.” But, if you had instead spent that time consistently and persistently executing against a very simple strategy, you would actually make progress, instead of that silly cycle.

I see it ALL THE TIME. I see it with my clients, peers, friends and total strangers in blog comments and social media posts. What is that next “Blast of Hope” that I can inject into my brain to get that next serotonin release.

Another thing that really sucks: While you are chasing the next serotonin release, you aren’t making any progress.

How to NOT Let Your Business Fail

  1. Quit trying to become a millionaire overnight. Set a reasonable goal of bringing a few thousand or even hundred dollars a month. (by the way, a really cool by-product of this is that if you keep at it, you will become a millionaire)
  2. Create a simple, clear plan and execute against it consistently. Even when it gets boring.

Imagine seeing small, incremental results and looking at your past accomplishments (small and large, but mostly small) with confidence, knowing that if you just keep at what you are doing, you will become a millionaire. Now YOU are in control. You are no longer at the mercy of the next email with promises of “pulling back the curtain” or “revealing the secrets of whatever or whowever”.

Becoming a millionaire is not going to make you any happier. How to Quit Working is not about becoming a millionaire. But if you want the exact tools, techniques and strategies you need to make a decent living that doesn’t involve going somewhere every day and doing something that you don’t care about, you are in the right place. Subscribe in a Reader for weekly content like this or like How to Quit Working on Facebook.

Put living first and create a life of freedom. Oh, and here is some great news: You can get that same serotonin boost by exercising! Read more about Serotonin here.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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