Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Success

Too many people settle for less than they deserve in life because they believe that successful entrepreneurs have certain mysterious resources, information or privileges. On the How to Quit Working Show successful entrepreneurs  share their secrets to success. They are always eager to share what they’ve learned about how to start a business and build a passionate life of freedom. Below are 17 fundamental secrets to success.

Successful Entrepreneurs on their Secrets to Success

17. Don’t blame circumstances.

Even if you are barely scraping by financially, working a job and have kids, you can still start a business that lets you live the life of your dreams.– Scottie Hobbs, Elite Top 10 Beachbody Coach

16. Value your creativity.

If your passion involves an artistic endeavor, you don’t have to settle for being broke. Stop calling yourself a “starving artist.” Stop “suffering” for your art. Recognize the immense value your creative endeavors bring to the world, create a way to get paid for it, and pursue your dream. – Bob Baker​, author of the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook

15. Don’t worry about failing.

Failure is great. It’s part of the process. It’s just an event. Failure does not define you unless you let it. When you fail, just get up and move on. – Jeet Banarjee, founder of Visionary Media Group & TEDx Speaker

14. Don’t believe that stuff will make you happy.

When you get caught up in accumulating nice cars, a house in the Hamptons and lots of stuff, it becomes a prison because you have to work more and more to pay for the stuff that doesn’t make you any happier anyway. – Jordan Harbinger, co-founder of The Art of Charm

13. Be consistent.

Consistently doing the same thing over and over again is how you build something. Be consistent and patiently wait for it to grow. At first you may not see any results, but keep going and you’ll see the small things you’ve done add up to something bigger. – Jonathan Taylor, host of The Beginner Internet Business Podcast

12. Do things that scare you.

If you are afraid of doing something, do it. Doing something you are afraid of will move you toward the lifestyle you desire. – Loralee Hutton, author of Info Product Complete

11. Build strong relationships

Relationships with other people help you get things done. When you help or add value to other people, they are willing and even excited to help you out when you need it. Be strategic about helping other people. – Nick Unsworth, host of Life on Fire TV

10. Create passive income streams.

You need freedom to feed your passions, and that comes from passive income streams. Plan strategically and invest the money from your current job into passive income streams, the first being your own business that supports the lifestyle you want. – Ryan Daniel Moran, founder of Freedom Fast Lane

9. Stop waiting.

The biggest regret most people have about pursuing what they want is not starting sooner. Well, what’s wrong with today? Start now, and tomorrow, you won’t have that regret! – Travis Sherry, world traveler and host of #1 travel podcast

8. Quit trying to be perfect.

Don’t get bogged down in details and making everything perfect. Know when good enough is good enough. An endless pursuit of perfection will get you nowhere. – Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation

7. Don’t say you’re too busy.

Figure out how much time you can devote to pursing your business and stick to it. Everyone has to work around the realities of their lives, so work with what you have. Figure out how much time you can devote and then devote that time. – Scott Fox, founder of Click Millionaires 

6. Be OK with hearing “no.”

When you’re pursuing something big, you’ll ask people to buy from you, to partner with you or any number of things. Sometimes they will say yes, sometimes they will say no. When they say no, it usually has more to do with their personal or business situation and has nothing to do with you. – Jason Kanigan, president of Sales On Fire

5. Stop settling for mediocrity.

If you keep telling yourself the next job, the next promotion, the next whatever will be better, you’ll never thrive. You’ll settle for mediocrity. Go after what you want. – Sheri Fink, author and founder of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” children’s brand 

4. Surround yourself with excellence.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and who have achieved success. They succeeded for a reason, and there is probably something you can learn from them. – Christina Daves, serial entrepreneur

3. Don’t live a life of regrets.

We don’t know how much time we have left. Take a hard look at your life and ask what you would want to do differently. Now do it. — Justin Brokop, coach

2. Hustle.

Success takes a lot of hard work. You have to get up and do the work every single day. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different.– Mike Kawula, entrepreneur and INC 500 Award Winner

1. Quit listening to other people.

If you want to create the life of your dreams, you have to stop listening to the advice of people who who are in the majority and listen to the ones who are happy. – Jeff Steinmann, lifestyle fanatic

Decide what you want out of life and go get it. Successful entrepreneurs know exactly what they want and they refuse to accept anything less. Stop believing that success is only for a certain privileged few. Successful entrepreneurs have very generously shared what they’ve learned in books, articles and blogs. It’s not a secret and anyone can do it if you just follow the advice of those who have achieved it.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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