How to Be a Lifestyle Fanatic

How much time do you spend each week doing something you don’t like? 80% of Americans hate their job (citation) so that’s at least 40 hours. When you add laundry, mowing the lawn and other chores on top of that, it’s almost all your time. As bad as that sounds, the worse part is that everybody thinks that’s just how it is. It’s Bullshit. I’m Jeff Steinmann. I’m a Lifestyle Fanatic and I have another way.

How You Spend Your Time

Besides sleeping, there are only three things to do with your time:

  • Living Your Life
  • Building Your Life
  • Sustaining Your Life

Think of each of those things as spheres — like a Venn Diagram.

Living Your Life is the only reason to be alive. It’s all the things you love doing, like music, writing, talking with friends, playing with your kids, walking in the woods or having a glass of wine.

Building Your Life is creating things that improve the amount or quality of time you spend Living, like building relationships with people who inspire you, creating a business, or writing a book.

Sustaining Your Life is all the things you must do to keep life going. Things like making money, mowing the grass, brushing your teeth and getting your annual physical.

The Problem

The problem with the “normal” way is that we spend almost all of it Sustaining, barely any time Living and almost none Building. That’s why two-thirds of people are unhappy. (citation)

The Lifestyle Myth

You’ve been told to live your life like this:

  1. Spend a fortune on college to learn how to do something you’ll probably hate.
  2. Work for someone else doing something you hate because it is the only way to make money.
  3. Buy lots of big things on credit so you have no choice but to keep working the job you hate.
  4. Hate your life until you retire and are too old to do anything.
  5. And thats just the way it is.

Lifestyle Fanatics look at these ideas with distain. We do not believe “normal” is a worthwhile goal. This must change. That’s why I’m here.

Become a Lifestyle Fanatic

Being a Lifestyle Fanatic means never spending more than one hour a week not Living. Here’s how. You can Build and Sustain while Living. Your happiness is a function of the size of your spheres and the degree to which Building and Sustaining lie inside Living. Designing your life like this is a commitment. It starts with YOU. Decide that YOU are in control and you are not going to spend more than one hour a week doing things you don’t like. If you decide that YOU are in control of your life you will be. But you have to commit.

Get Started

Click here to download a worksheet to get started. On the worksheet, draw your Lifestyle spheres twice. First draw them how they are now. Then draw them how you want them to be in six months. Next, write on the lines in the center, the one thing you can do now that will move you toward your goal the fastest. Finally, make your commitment public. Snap a pic of the worksheet and go to to share it with the community.

Quit Working, Start Living

About Jeff

Jeff Steinmann is the founder of the boutique lifestyle consulting company, Braveau Experts and author of How to Quit Working, a simple plan to leave your job for a life of freedom. He is a speaker and hosts a weekly show called “The How to Quit Working Show” that features Lifestyle Fanatics who have rejected the idea of having a JOB and put lifestyle first. Jeff also founded a real estate investing company, holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration and is a Certified High Performance Coach™. Jeff was a vice president at a major financial institution for over 10 years, managing large technology programs, including website conversions for the largest bank mergers in the U.S.  His extensive knowledge of marketing, sales, business strategy and technology, combined with his experience building businesses for clients and himself have made him a sought after consultant to people at all levels of their businesses worldwide. Most of all, Jeff is a Lifestyle Fanatic, fiercely devoted to finding better ways to “do life”.

Image Credit: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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